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Watch Lymore Gardens First team through the season 20/21. 

Competing in the Essex Alliance Senior Division, LymoreTV is the heart of all the action. 


Highlight out every Wednesdays at 6pm.




footballer Iwobi, 



Watch five of our players take on Baitez

in an Prjoect17 Challenge

What's in the Bag

A new show on Lymore TV, where you get to know all the players and

the content of their bags, and any crazy rituals they do before the game.

Coming soon.

Community at the heart

Our community is important to us, and they are at the heart of 

everything we do. Watch our founder explain our purpose and goals.

Another view


GoVid 4k is a Visual Sports Production company mainly involved in showing you visuals from the individual sports personalities point of view. Following our unique style of creation we have a social network series and also film and edit different forms of material for client needs.

The motivation for this, apart from the fact we love to create is also the innovative idea of seeing and feeling the competitiveness of the person engaging in the activity through their own eyes which brings more excitement to the viewers consumption.


Here are a few moments caught on camera.

Cup Final


Division Two Cup Final against Chigwell Rovers 16/17

Mid-season friendly against United London

Our Journey

Our Partners

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